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"We know we can count on Varsity to not only fulfill the duties on the janitorial contract, but to also facilitate special projects through completion." Read more

Jon Bates, Facility Manager
Williams Building, University of Utah

"Varsity has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that things are not just done, but done right. They are first class all the way." Read more

Don Christensen, Superintendent,
Ash Grove R-IV Schools

"After Varsity took over the janitorial services there were areas of my office cleaned that haven’t been cleaned in years—Good Going!" Read more

Sloan LeMauns, Manager of Facilities and Engineering | Nissan

"Varsity exceeded my expectations. We were extremely happy with their work and would gladly recommend them to other schools." Read more

Bill Sweet, Superintendent
Verona R-VII

"Varsity managed our gymnasium remodel and floor refurbishment very professionally. They came in with the knowledge and experience we expected from a general contractor." Read more

Jerry Lingo, Superintendent
Purdy School District

"The commitment ... is evident [with the] Varsity team. [They] gave me the confidence to perform my duties without worrying about the quality of work or the scheduling of activities." Read more

Eric Kurre, Superintendent
Marion C Early R-V

"The Varsity team was always responsive to our requests, and worked hard to exceed our expectations. I always found Varsity to be a reliable and trusted partner with high integrity." Read more

Scott Mumphrey, Second Curve Partners
Pres., Simon Management Co. (Retired)

"The project was done on time, on budget and everything looks fantastic! We were lucky to have Varsity recommended to us and I would recommend them highly to anyone." Read more

John Horton, Pres. | Layer 3 Technology

"Varsity went above and beyond our expectations...For my peace of mind I will try to use Varsity for all of my facility needs." Read more

Mike Wilson, Athletic Director
Strafford R-VI School District

"I knew right away that I made the right choice when choosing Varsity. The Varsity team was dedicated, dependable, and honest throughout the entire project." Read more

Chris Cosky, General Manager
The Courts

"Over the past several years, we have used Varsity for large and small jobs. Their attention to detail, meeting completion dates, and customer satisfaction is superior in the industry. " Read more

Kevin Roller, VP
RM Industries, Inc.

"The decision to hire Varsity Facility Services has been the best decision we have made since I've been on the Board of Education. " Read more

Ron Keith, Board Of Education VP
Ash Grove R-IV Schools

"Varsity goes above and beyond to ensure timely and quality projects are stop contractor to handle our facility needs." Read more

T.J. Bransfield, Superintendent
Niangua R-V Schools

"I would highly recommend Varsity...Pick a positive adjective and it fits Varsity; I say simply 'Good people!'" Read more

Jim Adkins, General Manager
Twin Oaks Country Club

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What are your needs and goals?

Do you need to lower costs or improve net operating income? Maybe you need to focus your time on capital improvements instead of responding to janitorial service complaints. Maybe you need reliable (just-in-time) handyman services to replace staff you have lost with budget cuts, or building construction that is on-time, under budget and high quality.

Varsity is a commercial cleaning company, a building maintenance company, and a construction company. But more importantly we are a company that is passionate about helping you meet YOUR goals and solving YOUR building service problems, whether it’s the local community branch, a large campus or a nationwide portfolio.

  1. We seek first the voice of the customer.
  2. We clean, fix and build to your specifications.
  3. We use a structured approach to solve facility service problems.
  4. We target waste (cost) and variation.
  5. We measure and improve.


Cleaning, fixing and building are core competencies for Varsity, but are not what define Varsity’s value to you or your customers. Our value to you is defined by the cost reduction and higher quality we bring to your facilities. We add value because we improve your bottom line and reduce distraction from your core business. This is why Varsity seeks to go beyond simply cleaning, fixing or building.

Our benefit to you lies in our structured and disciplined approach. We identify and eliminate waste (unneeded cost) in your facility processes, and reduce variance which is at the root of poor quality. In this way, we become a true business partner. Our Lean Sigma philosophy, combined with the discipline for continuous improvement and ongoing communication ensures you achieve maximum value.


Lowering cost and improving quality in building services allow you to reallocate the cost and time savings to add greater value to your customers in other areas of your business.