A year or two ago I was visiting a manufacturing customer. Varsity Facility Services handles hundreds of tons of recycling a day for this customer.  Between the main manufacturing space and the cardboard baling room was a metal door. I watched as tug after tug carrying recyclable materials passed. Each time they had to stop and open the large aluminum door. Each pass caused waiting. “Waiting” is one of the 8 Lean Sigma wastes. Eliminate it, and you can reduce cost.

So while walking the tradeshow floor, I came across Spiral’s automated rolling door. Instantly, I connected the experience at the manufacturing plant to what I was seeing. In Spiral’s booth, they had a large aluminum door mounted to a frame. It must have stood 15 feet high. The door opened and closed so rapidly and stopped and started using sensors—truly “abracadabra.”  It was impressive to see how responsive and quiet the door was.

If your facility has entrances/exits that require frequent passage, I would recommend looking at installing this type of automated rolling door. Here are some the benefits I could gather:

  1. It was fast: Their literature states that the door “Opens at up to 60 inches per second.”
  2. Smooth: Their AC Drive system enables soft acceleration and deceleration eliminating any clunking gear engagements
  3. Energy Efficient: The use a durable rubber membrane that provides 100% seal against dust pollution, drafts and inclement weather.

You can check the doors out at www.RytecDoors.com.

John McAtee

John McAtee has done marketing, website & print design and other fun stuff at Varsity since 2011.

Prior to that, he had similar fun experiences with companies such as Accenture and Nestlé (when he lived in the Los Angeles area), Interbank FX (in Salt Lake City) and others.

He is passionate about his family, cycling, mountains, trees, beaches, out-of-doors during the day and beautiful night skies...but not camping. He also loves finding new restaurants, nice hotels, New York (upstate and NYC), California (all of it), Indiana (because he was born there), Texas (just because), warm climates and photography.

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