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Do you need to lower costs or improve net operating income? Maybe you need to focus your time on capital improvements instead of responding to janitorial service complaints. Maybe you need reliable (just-in-time) handyman services to replace staff you have lost with budget cuts, or (in select locations) building construction that is on-time, under budget and high quality.

We are a company that is passionate about helping you meet YOUR goals and solving YOUR building service problems, whether it’s the local community, a large campus or a nationwide portfolio. To meet your goals, we:

  1. Seek first the voice of the customer.
  2. Clean, fix and build to your specifications.
  3. Use a structured approach to solve facility service problems.
  4. Target waste (cost) and variation.
  5. Measure and improve.

The result is a rise in reliability, responsiveness and reductions we call R3©.

There are two skills that set us apart, which we mastered to deliver R3—Lean Six Sigma and technology use.


Lean Six Sigma is a method used to reduce process waste and variation. Waste leads to higher cost and variation leads to lower quality. Each instance of waste or variation is manifested as a business problem. Lean Six Sigma is a discipline used to solve those problems.

Varsity developed a Lean Six Sigma skillset to help our customers enrich their business model. If we can remove variation that drive complaints, customers can better focus on their business model. If we eliminate waste, we can lower cost enriching our customers’ business model.

R3 reliability is about reducing variation. R3 responsiveness is about response time and proactivity. R3 reduction is about solving problems whether it is a cost reduction problem, a complaint or an implementation problem like meeting environmental standards. Without Lean Six Sigma, it would be hard for us to deliver R3.

Learn more about Varsity Lean Six Sigma >


R3 requires technology to maximize the results. Reliability requires data collection and measurement. Responsiveness requires mobile technology so responses to your work orders are completed with velocity. Reduction requires documentation and analysis, also made easy through technology.

Our unique skill set is to develop custom apps for our customers to enrich their business models. R3 apps include mobile account management processes like work order management, mobile inspections, mobile account dashboard or mobile service validation.

Learn more about Varsity Technology.

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