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Lean Sigma (often referred to as Lean Six Sigma) is two disciplines in one:

  • Lean is a philosophy about waste—defining waste as anything a customer does not value or want to pay for. Lean tools help identify waste, and minimize it. By thinking and acting lean, you reduce cost.
  • Six-Sigma is a statistical term and a structured approach to reduce variation in a process which increases quality.

Both disciplines help you to be more competitive by ensuring your facility operates with the least amount of cost and the highest quality. Varsity applies the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and discipline to your facility services in order to become a partner who contributes to the success of your business.

There are three levels of training–yellow belt, green belt and black belt training.



Yellow belts receive 16 hours of training on Lean Sigma terminology and concepts, but are not yet skilled in executing Lean Sigma methodologies.


Green belts become adept at using Lean Sigma methodologies to solve problems.
(Varsity’s district managers and site managers are required to have green belt certification.)


Black belts receive in-depth training in statistical process control and serve as Lean Sigma instructors.

We invite you to learn more about this approach. More importantly, we invite you to experience it.

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