Varsity Facility Services R3 Business Model

Varsity Facility Services R3 Model


R3 Reliability From A Facility Service Company

Systematized Service

A system ensures reliability by reducing service variation through standardization, measurement, and improvement. R3 reliability stems from Varsity’s systems approach to service.

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Imagine a system that maximizes R3 reliability in 5 areas.

SHAPE & R3 Business Model

Our systems are designed to get your facility in S.H.A.P.E.TM day-in, day-out.

SHAPE is an acronym for 5 dimensions that maximize reliability:
• Safety
• Health
• Asset Preservation
• Productivity
• Environment

  • Safety - Accidents and exposure increase cost for everyone. Varsity’s R3 system gives you the assurance that they will be minimized.
  • Health - R3 focuses on reducing cross contamination between touch points making it less likely building occupants are affected by a pandemic outbreak or the common cold.
  • Asset Preservation And Maintenance For Building Assets
  • Productivity - We use Lean Sigma to uncover 8 wastes (see below) in your facility services. Our R3 system reduces the 8 wastes leading to greater productivity and reliability in your facility services.
  • Environment - In today's economy, if your facility service is negatively affecting the environment, then it's not reliable. R3 systems are designed to protect the environment.

Reliable S.H.A.P.E. Inputs & Outputs

Varsity systems start with aligning people, products and processes to S.H.A.P.E. This means we use a training system to teach our people to maximize SHAPE. We procure tools and equipment that meet SHAPE standards, and we engineer our cleaning and maintenance processes to maximize  SHAPE output (data, results, metrics, scores) for your facility.

National Facility Service Company Business Model


 Responsive And Highly Trained Facility Service Professionals

Data-driven Customer Satisfaction

R3 responsiveness involves Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Voice of the Process (VOP).

Voice of the Customer 

Is information about your needs, from your perspective. We capture your voice to improve our responsiveness to your needs.

Voice of the Customer & Voice of the Process for facilities

Voice of the Process 

Is a steady stream of data we gather from our processes and employees that tell us where we need to improve the process.

 24/7 Call Center to Receive, Track And Follow Up on Service Requests Anytime

Call Center 24/7 Responsiveness

Varsity maximizes R3 responsiveness through our 24/7 call center. This creates a reliable, team approach to receive, track and follow up on your concerns or requests. No communication falls through the cracks, guaranteeing you a complete history of Varsity's performance. Already have a call center? No problem. We integrate.

Responsive Technology

Underpinning R3 responsiveness is Varsity’s technology which facilitates collecting, reporting and distributing data. This data gives you insight into how well R3 is being delivered. Our R3 technology includes robust smart phone apps and web-based systems with open API’s to allow us to connect to your systems. Learn More.

Open API With Smartphone Apps And Web Based Systems


Reducing Cost Complaints and variation In Cleaning Processes

Lean Six Sigma

We reduce cost, complaints, variation and/or your environmental footprint—whatever your reduction goals are. While maintaining high reliability and responsiveness, we use the proven Lean Sigma approach to find meaningful reductions.  We seek to reduce DOWNTIME in our janitorial operations which include:

8 Waste in Janitorial Operations

Standard Work = Reductions

Our lean sigma process includes standard work and quarterly reviews. Standard work combines workflows, tasks and time to ensure the most efficient delivery of service. They also ensure the least variation in how the service is performed, reducing errors. Quarterly reviews are used as milestones for continuous improvement and accountability.

Combining Janitorial Workflow And Tasks For Efficiency
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