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Perhaps you already have a janitor. Is your janitor trained on all the latest safety procedures, including cross-contamination reduction? Every janitor employed by Varsity Facility Services must pass our nationally accredited training program before they begin working. This ensures that procedures are consistent, making our cleaning results consistent as well.

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Our cleaning teams can deliver service during business hours to reduce your operating costs or can begin cleaning once your business is closed for the day. Our janitors are trained to disinfect surfaces, remove debris, buff floors, dust, organize, and perform other important cleaning tasks. The cleaning experts hired by Varsity are taught how to work with existing security systems so your building is kept safe and secure. Our team cleaning strategy allows us to minimize the duration we are in your building and also allows us to cross-check all cleaning tasks.

Varsity Facility Services specializes in office cleaning, healthcare facility cleaning, educational facility cleaning, financial institution cleaning, industrial and manufacturing facility cleaning, and more. One of the reasons businesses choose Varsity for their janitorial needs is the customizable service options we offer. Whether you need our services daily, monthly, or bi-weekly, Varsity can meet your specific cleaning needs. Varsity puts you in charge, letting you dictate the approach, time frame, and frequency with which we execute our cleaning services.

Find a janitor for your business that exemplifies quality service. Varsity Facility Services data-driven approach continuously monitors and improves your janitorial services, making our procedures cost-effective and environmentally-conscious. Varsity Facility Services is nationally recognized by the prestigious International Sanitary Supply Association for excellent training and management standards. Additionally, Varsity has received the ISSA CIMS GB honors certification for our green building cleaning protocols, which adhere to the outlined ISSA CIMS green building policy. Our high-performance cleaning program, janitorial efficacy, and implementation of sustainable cleaning products and equipment have contributed to this recognition. Aligning with these beliefs, Varsity also works to implement the most effective strategies for indoor chemical control.


Varsity Facility Services has been an industry leader for the past 55 years. When you search to find a janitor for your business, keep your service provider’s technology capabilities and proven success in mind. Our ability to keep pace with the latest technological advancements sets us apart from other janitorial companies. Our web-based technology platform allows you to document work, place work orders, complete audits, and communicate 24/7 with one of our team members. Varsity is always right at your fingertips with our available smartphone and tablet service apps.

If you are looking to find a janitor for your business, look no further than Varsity Facility Services.

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