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Does your commercial space need attention? Successfully running a company is one thing, but sometimes keeping one clean is another story. Varsity Facility Services offers customizable service plans to help you keep your business space in the healthiest condition possible. To Varsity Facility Services, customer service is paramount. Many commercial cleaning companies offer janitorial services in rigid ways. Varsity Facility understands that every job we take on is unique, and we provide tailored cleaning solutions, trained staff members, and customized reporting for each commercial job we manage. We aim to keep your commercial space in the best condition possible, which will prolong the life of your valuable assets and surfaces.

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The staff of Varsity takes pride in their work and this can be seen through the impressive commercial cleaning results we provide for your company. Surfaces are disinfected, polished, swept, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, and more. If you have cleaning tasks, Varsity Facility Services has the technology, experience, staff members, and equipment to tackle them successfully.

Measurable Janitorial Performance

Any commercial cleaning company can say they did everything they were supposed to, but can they actually prove it? Varsity Facility Services has measurable standards that ensure each task is completed efficiently and thoroughly. Our data allows us to improve our services and minimize waste. In addition, measurable data allows for consistent cleaning results and superior quality control.

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Clean Spaces are Healthy Spaces

A clean commercial space is a healthy space! Clean work environments allow workers to take less sick days, increase organization, and facilitate higher productivity. Potential clients and guests will have a good first impression of your company when they notice the care that was taken to keep your facility clean and organized.

Alongside our goals of providing the best commercial cleaning services possible, we also pride ourselves on being an environmental leader in the janitorial industry. We use environmentally friendly products, work to eliminate waste, and improve air quality with all facilities we clean.

Strong Leadership

Another thing that sets Varsity Facility Services apart from other commercial cleaning companies is our emphasis on leadership. Our founder, Don Aslett, has earned the title of “America’s #1 Cleaning Expert”. Don has been featured on Oprah, the Discovery Channel, and HGTV. The passion Don created Varsity Facility Services with is the same passion we offer to all of our clients today.

Varsity Facility Services’ Janitorial Training Program has been honored with the ISSA Cleaning Industry Training Award. We believe that leadership and accountability should be traits found in every one of our employees. By setting a janitorial education standard, we set the foundation for knowledgeable cleaning and initial benchmark for job quality.

Over the past 50 years, we have built our reputation on the customer service we have provided. We would love the opportunity to show you what our commercial cleaning company can do for your business!

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