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As a company grows, staying efficient gets harder and harder, and unfortunately waste and redundancies are bound to enter the workplace. One easy way a company can reduce cost and become more efficient is by reducing waste. If you are looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce waste for your business, we offer Lean Six Sigma Facility Services to help you make your business more effective.

Varsity Facility Services Lean Six Sigma

Go Lean with Your Business

Creating efficiencies and reducing waste in your business is relatively easy with our Lean Sigma approach from Varsity Facility Services. Often referred to as Lean Six Sigma, our approach is in reality two disciplines put together. Our Lean discipline is about reducing waste. We define waste in your business as anything a customer does not value or want to pay for, and then we use Lean tools to search for the items that fit this definition and minimize them. This approach works to reduce cost by thinking and acting lean. Next we employ our Six-Sigma approach. A statistical term, this approach is structured to reduce variation in a process, which in turn increases quality. Combining these disciplines helps your business to be more competitive by ensuring your facility operates efficiently and effectively while also reducing cost.

We Can Help Make Your Business More Effective and Efficient

At Varsity we want to become a partner who contributes to the success of your business. To do this we apply both the philosophy and discipline of Lean Six Sigma to your facility services. If you are looking to reduce cost and increase productivity, contact us today to learn more about our approach and what we can do to help you.

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