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Clean spaces are happy spaces. If you are looking for a new janitorial service, look no further than Varsity Facility Services.

Varsity Facility Services National Janitorial Cleaning


Cleaning Specialists

We are a national janitorial service company that caters to all of your cleaning needs. With Varsity, you never have to worry about a thing. We pride ourselves on our reliability, responsiveness, and reduction. R3, as we call it, are the cornerstone of our business. After all, we have over fifty five years of experience! Trust us, we really know what we are doing when it comes to keeping your space clean. We follow exact processes that are known to work. This saves you, our client, time and money.


Consistent Results and Reliable Staff

We guarantee a consistent process with no guesswork or worrying if the job got done. Our company is based on structure, and we work diligently to have systems in place to assure the highest standard of cleanliness. We provide mobile auditing and routine cleaning reports to all of our clients, so that they can measure the success of our work. With Varsity national janitorial services, there is no guessing about what needs to be done. We have data, systems, standards, and processes that we stick to each and every time. This level of cleaning commitment provides measurable results.

The systems we have in place at Varsity reduces variation in workflow, which results in predictable cleaning practices. Our national janitorial services are done thoroughly, each and every time. Your service is never compromised. The reliable Varsity staff members are highly-trained professionals who always show up for work, never leaving you with jobs left undone. This is why so many companies trust us to cover their cleaning needs.

National Janitorial Service Provided by Varsity Facility Services


The Extra Steps

Varsity Facility Services even tests the chemicals and equipment we use on a routine basis to assure manufacturer specifications and conditional improvement of your facility. We pride ourselves in knowing the optimal solutions for you and your business. Choosing a sophisticated and trustworthy service provider like Varsity means your waste level is kept below 10%.

We offer mobile and web-based technology that lets our clients request work, track progress, and get in touch with us in ways that are convenient for them.


All Types of Jobs

Whether you are a school, office building, car dealership, medical facility, or otherwise, Varsity can assist you with your janitorial needs. We are a reliable national janitorial service company that truly cares about your business. Just check us out to see for yourself. Our client testimonials speak volumes about our services, and we aim to keep all of our clients clean and happy! We have five distinct service regions across the USA that are designed to cover your service needs, no matter where the job is.

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