Discover Our Nationwide Janitorial Service

Discover Our Nationwide Janitorial Service

Varsity Facility Services focuses on delivering outstanding service based on the needs of our customers. Our commitment to reliable and successful facility service has allowed us to expand our assistance across the United States and to customers in Canada. We offer a nationwide janitorial service as one of our leading service plans in addition to our construction management and handyman services. We follow a cohesive R3 business model that has proven to be a successful plan of action.

Our Locations

When we say nationwide, we mean nationwide. Varsity Facility Services reaches across five regions of the United States. We have many regional offices outside of our corporate office and over thirty regional hubs located across the nation. We are proud to serve hundreds of customers in over 16,000 locations in the United States and Canada. We are eager and determined to provide the best service and to reach a wide scope of facilities that are in need our nationwide janitorial service.

Our Approach

Our nationwide janitorial service has been built to be a systematic approach to completing, maintaining, and sustaining an optimal facility environment. We operate on the R3 business model that focuses on the three R’s of our quality service: Reliability, Responsiveness, and Reduction. In order to achieve a successful operation, we constantly follow through with our intricate plan, making sure that you have full continuity and substantial results. Contracting with Varsity will give your company the peace of mind that you are receiving reliable service that follows through.


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As part of a reliable service, we stick to our structured approach in executing a planned and detailed service operation. We value our customers’ requests and desires for maintaining a healthy facility environment. In doing so, we are sure to clean to your specifications. In addition, we document all of our actions so that you have a clear audit of our services.


We remain responsive throughout the entire process from beginning to end. We first seek the voice of the customer, garnering full attention to the needs and desires that we will strive to accomplish. We maintain contact with our customer, and continuously provide a diagnostic measure and report of our services.


One of our ultimate goals is to reduce the cost and the worry of implementing a janitorial service in your facility. We install a consistent plan of action every time to ensure that there is little variation in your facility’s janitorial operations. We apply the Standard Work method as a course of action to organize workflow, time, and tasks. With the methodical approach, we can eliminate waste output and stifle variation.

Our Service

Our fifty-five years of experience have equipped us with extensive knowledge on how to execute quality facility service. Varsity Facility Services is here to provide our best service nationwide.

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