Office Cleaning in Denver, Colorado Helps with Dust and Germs

messy office - Denver office cleaning comic humorDenver is the most populated place in Colorado. A larger population here means more office workspaces! More people ultimately means added clutter, surfaces, mess, and additional office cleaning.

The Gross Truth

Sadly, a populous workplace also means extra germs. Did you know that an average office desk harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat? Office desks actually have WAY more bacteria than a toilet seat: 428% more, according to a study done by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba.

germs on desk needing office cleaning in Denver, Colorado

We get it – not everyone in your office is going to clean up after themselves. Maybe not just that, but given a full workload, there may be no time for your existing employees to keep up with even basic office cleaning and maintenance. Even so, can you guarantee the job was done, and done effectively?

Get your Office in Shape

This is where the professionals at Varsity Facility Services come in. We offer a multitude of services for office cleaning in Denver, Colorado. We do this by getting your facility in SHAPE™. A consistent SHAPE output improves Safety, Health, Asset Preservation, Productivity and the Environment.

Any size Denver office can benefit from the janitorial services we provide. A clean office promotes productivity, excellent work morale, and an overall improved image of your company. Not just that, a cleaner office can also result in less employee sick days – increasing overall company productivity. Allowing Varsity Janitorial Services the responsibility of cleaning your office means those nasty germs taking residence on your desks, telephones, doorknobs, and other surfaces will be eradicated. A healthy office means healthier employees!

When your employees are allowed to focus on their most important work, company operations will be more successful and efficient. We employ the best people, products and processes to achieve the best results for your Denver, Colorado office cleaning needs. With Varsity, you get a partner who improves your business model by removing unnecessary cost from your facility services.

Improve Your Business

Visual cleanliness and medical cleanliness are two things that are absolutely necessary for an office to accomplish daily work. A clean office results in an improved overall business identity. The last thing your company needs is the risk of losing potential clients because of the condition of your office space. As seen here, a janitorial service will benefit you in more ways than you originally thought! What are you waiting for? Keeping your Denver Office clean with Varsity Janitorial Services will reduce cost, bacteria, employee sick days, and negative company images. Call us today!

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