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Office cleaning is beneficial for more than just your employees. Potential clients and existing clients notice and appreciate the effort that companies put into their workspaces and enhancing their facilities. A clean office facility will give your business a positive self-image and maintain the health of everyone who enters your building.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Shared workspaces need some extra attention and cleaning due to the high frequency of use. Office cleaning is important to maintain the overall health of your building and staff. Cleaning can assist with productivity by reducing employee sick days and helping your staff keep an organized workspace. Productivity is directly related to organization! Many companies that hire Varsity Facility Services for their office cleaning services come to find that their office staff is now operating at a higher level.

Objectives of Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be done during the workday to reduce the overall cost of operation, or can be done when your employees are finished with their work to avoid any potential disruption. Your commercial cleaning crew will empty all trash receptacles, vacuum, and mop all flooring or mats.  Your cleaning team will efficiently dust, polish, and disinfect all visible surfaces, spot clean walls, clean vents and baseboards, and organize work. If your office has a kitchen space or eating area, all of your frequently used surfaces and appliances like dining tables, microwave, oven, sinks, and countertops will be taken care of as well. We use a consistent cleaning method to spot-check and reduce germs and bacteria on every surface.


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Specialized Cleaning Professionals

Varsity Facility Services’ highly specialized janitors and cleaning staff clean multiple offices and offices of any size. Whether you have an office of five or five hundred, Varsity Facility Services can keep your office space tidy and sanitized. Furthermore, our company has been nationally recognized for providing a standard for janitorial training and having one of the highest staff retention percentages in the cleaning industry.

Do your Employees a Favor

Your employees already have important jobs to do. Taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom should not be one of them. Office demands keep employees occupied, and sometimes even if your employees like to contribute to office cleanliness, it is hard for them to contribute to keeping the office space clean. Office cleaning services are necessary to take care of the tasks that are regularly missed or overlooked.

Let Varsity Facility Services Clean Your Office

Hiring a professional office cleaning company will reduce cross-contamination of surfaces and let you achieve the optimal level of clean. By hiring Varsity Facility Services, a national company with established data collection and guaranteed processes and quality control, you can achieve the same level of clean each and every time. Show your employees and clients your gratitude by hiring a reliable office cleaning service company like Varsity.

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