Our Orlando Janitorial Company Celebrates National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

Having a clean office or workplace just makes life better. From increasing efficiencies to helping fight workplace sickness, having an Orlando janitorial company keep your business tidy and clean is a must have. The men and women who do the hard work of cleaning often get overlooked, but on October 2nd you can show your support and appreciation for them because it’s National Custodial Workers Recognition Day!

Varsity National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

Learn About This Unique Day

This is a day set aside to show appreciation and recognize all of the work the men and women who keep our schools and workplaces across the nation running smoothly do, and how much it helps businesses operate more effectively. It’s easy to overlook these people because they operate behind the scenes and are often under-appreciated for the hard work they do. Nevertheless, they work day after day to keep businesses, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and other buildings maintained and cleaned, and they help to improve our lives without us even seeing it.

Orlando Janitorial Company Workers Recognition Day

Showing Your Appreciation For Orlando Custodial Workers

If you want to show appreciation for your company’s janitorial staff or custodial workers, saying a simple “thank you” when you see them is more than enough. You can also make your appreciation a little more public with a social media post and using the hashtag   #CustodialWorkersRecognitionDay at the end. Whether your Orlando janitorial services company is Varsity Facility Services or another local company, we encourage you to join us in showing our recognition to our custodial worker and let them know that we appreciate everything they do for our workplace and business.

National Custodial Workers Recognition Day at Varsity

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