The National Property Maintenance Leaders

The National Property Maintenance Leaders

Property maintenance is important to preserve your assets and to improve the outward perception of your business. Varsity Facility Services manages properties nationwide, and can ensure your office building, commercial property, apartment complex, or other property is managed efficiently and effectively.varsity facility services property management and cleanup

Inevitable Wear

The constant influx of visitors to buildings and properties puts significant wear and tear on most surfaces. Especially when property owners have multiple properties, it is not always easy for them to spot trash, problems and hazards that inevitably occur. Often, small problems may arise in hidden areas like stairways and door thresholds that need immediate attention before they turn into a larger issue.

Asset Preservation

Hiring a reliable property manager will assure that your building and property is kept in the best condition possible to avoid unnecessary replacement of existing surfaces and features. Hard surface repair is a smart solution for extending the life of your property. A property specialist can help keep your roofing, gutters, shutters, gates, walls, windows and light fixtures in optimal condition year-round.

Property maintenance can help your building components, both interior and exterior, last as long as possible. Hiring a qualified property supervisor will save you money on repairs and other preventable expenses that can really add up over time. Furthermore, by combining your current ongoing services into one property management contract, you will also save time and money. By allowing one hired person or team to manage your property, you can limit the disruptions that multiple services can cause.

Landscaping Solutions

Exterior property maintenance can include things like picking up scattered garbage and solid waste. A national project management company knows the best protocol for continuous control of grass and other landscaping. Trees surrounding a building should be kept in good condition and sidewalks and driveways should be clear of all organic debris. Any pools, fountains, or lakes will be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure your business, property, and building image is kept in its prime.

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Exterior Property Maintenance

Exterior issues like weatherproofing and painting can be addressed and resolved by one of Varsity Facility Services’ expert property maintenance personnel. Our property overseers can assist in preventing or fixing exterior property issues like standing water, inaccessible driveways or walkways, broken fixtures or gates. The Varsity property managers will take care of painting any surfaces that need updating. Rest assured that small repairs or other safety hazards that may arise on your property will be taken care of in a timely manner.

Sanitization and Pest Control

A property manager will ensure that your facility is clean and orderly, no matter what. A clean facility is not only important for visual appeal, but is important for maintaining health. Thorough, routine property upkeep will also ensure pest problems are resolved and prevented.

Managing your Property is Easy with Varsity

When deciding on property managers, consult with Varsity Facility Services. We are a national company with several regional locations perfect for your property needs. Our highly trained maintenance staff and technological integration make us one of the leading facility management companies nationwide.

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