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Janitorial Safety & High Expectations Brochure (Government)

Janitorial Safety & High Expectations Brochure (Government)

Reliable, Responsive Janitorial Services
for Government Facilities;
What's important to you?

We integrate Reliability, Responsiveness and Reduction (R3©) into every aspect of our business.

Learn how to use Reliability, Responsiveness and Reduction to keep your citizens and documents safe as well as meet and exceed government initiatives; all while reducing your cost.

In this brochure we discuss:

  1. Keeping your citizens and documents safe - Learn what a janitorial company should be doing to ensure the safety of your citizens and your sensitive documents.
  2. High Expectations from government initiatives and elected officials -  Whether it's a new government initiative or a newly elected official, your janitors should always be ready to meet and exceed their expectations.. 
  3. Reducing cost without loosing quality - Learn how to maintain the quality of your facilities and reduce your cost by reducing waste in the cleaning process.

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Government Brochure 

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