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Multi-Site Management

Multi-Site Management

Innovations in managing janitorial for 600+ Geographically Dispersed Retail Facilities

The customer is one of the world’s largest mobile phone and network service in the United States and Canada. The company prides itself in customer retention through quality customer care and service.

The challenge: 

The customer worried that its geographically dispersed stores would be difficult to manage. The portfolio included 654 retail stores (all of which are under 3,000 ft2) spread from Hawaii to New York.

Given the size of each building and difficulty managing so many stores across such great distances, the customer was concerned outsourcing would lead to quality issues, which could negatively affect their customers and brand. In addition, the mobile phone market was becoming increasingly competitive. Cost savings were important.

Could Varsity’s footprint and Six Sigma approach ensure consistent, quality service for the portfolio?

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