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Win/Win Partnership

In today's competitive climate, your facility is not just the place where you work. It is also your showcase demonstrating to customers and employees alike, the quality of your company. We first seek to understand your philosophy and then to engage our culture of customer responsiveness to meet your needs within your changing business environment.

Trusted Values & Capability

Customers partner with us for our proven track record in exemplifying values of integrity, excellence and success.  We are a proven leader in the facility service industry. We specialize in assuring you reliable and responsive service through our janitorial, maintenance, and construction services.

Mission Statement

To reward our customers, employees and owners a secure, exciting and satisfying life by being the standard of excellence in the entire Facility Service Industry.


From the start, Varsity's founding leaders wanted to develop and reinforce values for success in the business AND in people's lives. Far more than "making money," Varsity is about excellence in all we do. These core values existed from Varsity's beginnings in the 1950's and remain constant to this day.

  • People
    We value all people, and elevate them with dignity, respect and opportunity.
  • Community Service
    We value helping others, and giving back to the community.
  • Integrity
    We do what we say we will. We believe in honesty, fairness & high ethical standards.
  • Environment
    We value both a healthy outdoor and a healthy indoor.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We value excellence through continuous process improvement using the Lean Sigma discipline.



Established in 1957, Varsity Facility Services was founded on integrity, excellence and innovation. With 60 years of applying these ideals to our business, we have built a sound foundation of service for our customers. Many of Varsity’s innovations have come from creating solutions for our customers’ needs. In the 1960’s, Varsity pioneered a cable coating process for Mountain Bell Telephone. Varsity’s founders coated miles of telephone wire as an extension of our janitorial contract. In 1997, we were the first to build a corporate university offering online training to all employees. Today, Varsity University offers over 300 courses to keep employees up to date on developments in janitorial services, maintenance services and construction services. In 2001, we developed new handheld and web-based technologies to facilitate our quality assurance programs, and to help us drive continuous improvement in our company. In 2007, Varsity was proud to be chosen as the first building service contractor to be certified by the ISSA CIMS certification—and we did so with honors. In 2011, we rebranded our company as “Varsity Facility Services,” exemplifying the diversity of services we offer. Today we are an international service provider spanning the United States and Canada. Our commitment to integrity, innovation, and the environment has never been stronger. What service can we provide for you?

1957 Varsity founded in Pocatello, Idaho by Don Aslett
1961 First national contract with Mountain Bell
1968 First comprehensive facility contract: Sun Valley Ski Resort, including cleaning, construction, and landscaping
1973 First one-million square foot building: Mountain Bell (now Century Link).
1982 First high-tech contract: Hewlett Packard (Varsity acquired four other HP sites)
1992 Formed minority-owned janitorial company: System 1, Inc.
1993 Created Qwest (now CenturyLink) Cost Reduction Initiative
1998 Facility Management & Construction Division created
1999 First contract in Canada
2001 Developed handheld audit system (VEKTR) for quality control and work order management
2004 Established a 24x7 call center for increased customer service
2007 Developed and Launched JanOPS®, our proprietary janitorial operating system designed to clean for SHAPE™ (Safety, Health, Asset Preservation, Performance, and Environment)
2007 Partnered with Washington Mutual Bank to achieve their green certification
2010 Lean Six Sigma practices implemented
2010 Don Aslett's Museum of Clean opened in Pocatello, Idaho
2011 Varsity Contractors re-brands as Varsity Facility Services (Varsity FS) to reflect the spectrum of services we offer
2017 Varsity Celebrates 60 Year Diamond Anniversary

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