Unique to successful corporations are their own brand of cultural activities, and Varsity is no exception. How many corporate meetings do you know of that start with a rousing rendition of "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah"? It has also become customary for Varsity leaders to plan activities that engage employees in team work. Team cleaning is one of the hallmarks of our janitorial certified green cleaning system, so these activities become a starting point for Varsity’s strategic effort to retain cleaners. This might explain why Varsity Facility Services has one of the lowest turn-over rates in the industry.

While having fun is an important element of such shenanigans, these activities reinforce the Varsity Family Culture and emphasize the value of team work and play.

Janitorial Rodeo

2014 Company Meeting in Heber, UT

See the rodeo in action by watching this video:

Previous Rodeos

Janitorial Rodeo
Old Janitorial Rodeo Trash Cans
Old Janitorial Rodeo

Other Activities

Golfing facility service style

Golfing facility service style!

From faucet putters to copper pipe drivers, Varsity associates compete with Ping and Callaway by designing and building golf clubs from items associated with the facility service industry. They then put their designs to work competing in both a driving and a putting contest.

Le Tour de Toilet – Facility Service on Wheels

Le Tour de Toilet – Facility Service on Wheels!

Tearing through the streets of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Varsity associates race soapbox derby cars made from facility service equipment and supplies. From a supped-up garbage brute to a tricked out Tennant auto-scrubber, Varsity associates raced in style.

Bricks Representing Varsity Facility Services

Importance of One, The Power of Many!

Values are imbedded in Varsity's culture. To reinforce enduring Varsity values, associates from across the country created bricks representing themselves as a reminder of the importance of one and the power of many. The bricks were later combined with mortar to form a wall at Varsity's corporate office.

Varsity Facility Services Employees Ties

Tie into our Talent!

Varsity managers across North America are reminded to "Tie into Talent" by creating their own ties from items associated with the facility services industry. Ties were then worn during an annual meeting event.

World’s First Vacuum Dragster Race

World’s First Vacuum Dragster Race!

Zero to clean in three seconds! Here, 110/120 volts send vacuum dragsters down a 40 foot track. Varsity associates from around the country designed and built their own vacuum dragsters and then raced them in the world's first vacuum dragster race.

The Sound of Cleaning

The Sound of Cleaning!

Taking the old adage "Whistle while you work" to a new level, Varsity associates turned their cleaning equipment into musical instruments. Contestants then demonstrated their musical talent by playing their cleaning instruments in an evening event.

Varsity Pinewood Derby

Varsity Pinewood Derby

With over 200 custom designed cars entered, the Varsity Pinewood Derby was a popular event showing once again Varsity pride, innovation and creativity.

Facility Service hats

Facility Service hats—back in style?

From back room janitor closets to the glib world of glitz and fashion, Varsity associates proudly display their stylish hats born from items associated with the facility service industry.



Made from individual  4x8 ft. sheets of plywood, this life-sized board game was created to teach managers the ins and outs of our industry. There were board spaces featuring bidding, accident and loss prevention, regulations, managing contracts, to name a few. The game included a mock courtroom with a judge for workers compensation claims, and much more.

Our culture is unique, it is real, and it unifies the entire team to high standards and team work. It is one key ingredient that separates Varsity from all other companies.

View additional videos on the Varsity YouTube Channel.

See how Varsity used this culture to make a difference in the community by viewing our Community Service projects.

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