Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Varsity’s scheduled maintenance removes deeply embedded soils and restore the appearance of the carpet to as close to its original state as possible. This is achieved through deep, restorative cleaning via hot water extraction.

Soil Suspension

Pre-spray your carpet to allow the chemical time in contact with the bonded soils that are adhered to the carpet fibers. This is commonly referred to as “dwell time”. The chemical will pull the soils from the fibers into suspension so they are ready for removal. For virtually all synthetic carpets, the pre-spray chemical should be alkaline so that it can most effectively neutralize the soils in the carpet, which are usually acidic in nature. For wool or natural fiber carpets, the pre-spray should be neutral or slightly acidic as alkaline will damage the fibers. Varsity will use TACT for our customers’ facilities.


Rinse and Extract

Our next step is rinsing the suspended soil out of the carpet through extraction. Keep in mind that the best extractors only recover about 80 – 85% of the original solution put into the carpet. If left to dry, those detergents will cause re-soiling to occur. The chemical for this step should be an acidic or neutralizing rinse. While many people try water, it is not effective in removing the residues and soils from the pre-spray. Rinsing with hard water will only remove about 15% of the residue, and rinsing with soft water will only remove 30%. But rinsing with an acidic or neutralizing rinse will remove over 90% of the residue.


The last step in Varsity’s restorative process is to dry the carpet as quickly as possible to prevent wicking and any potential for mold growth.


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