Interim Carpet Maintenance

Interim Carpet Maintenance

In order to extend the time between scheduled extractions, interim maintenance helps improve carpet appearance and is best accomplished with encapsulation cleaning.  Encapsulation provides a way to get your carpet cleaner, faster, and with longer lasting results. A good program of interim maintenance can extend the time period between scheduled deep extractions by 6 to 12 months, depending on each Microsoft facility needs.

The Encapsulation Process

  • A cleaning solution (encapsulation chemical) is lightly sprayed onto the carpet and is agitated and distributed into the carpet pile with a dual counter-rotating brush machine.
  • The chemical is allowed to dwell in the carpet, breaking down and surrounding soils and other residues.
  • The chemical dries into a hard, non-sticky crystal, encasing the soil, in about 20 minutes.
  • The dried crystals can easily be removed by vacuuming.

The result is a carpet that is clean and dry in about 20 minutes. This process not only restores the carpet to a useable state quickly, but also cuts down on water chemical usage. Interim maintenance is a key ingredient in your carpet maintenance program; time-saving, cost-effective, and good for the environment. Carpet is left clean and neutral with no chemical residue to cause re-soiling.

Varsity carpet specialists do not use bonneting. Major Carpet Mills do not recommend using a Bonnet System

  • Drives soil deeper into the carpet
  • Leaves a residue on the carpet
  • Uses and leaves behind too much moisture
  • Potential to separate direct glue carpet from the floor

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