National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

October 2 is a day, set aside, to show appreciation… to custodial workers across the nation.  We are ever so grateful for all they do in keeping our facilities CLEAN!!!


Custodial workers, or Cleaning Specialists, as we refer to them here at Varsity Facility Services, work behind the scenes and are often unappreciated for the hard work that they do, day after day, keeping schools, hospitals, office buildings, museums, churches, manufacturing plants and all of our facilities, throughout the nation, clean and well maintained.

Cleaning Specialists are the backbone of Varsity’s business and are an important part of the success of all businesses as a clean, well maintained, and operational building is a reflection on the business itself.

Varsity Facility Services thanks all of our cleaning specialists, throughout the nation, for the daily work they do making Varsity and the facilities they clean, Shine!

Using Varsity’s operating system, JanOPS®, Varsity’s Cleaning Specialists deliver reliable and responsive service everyday, reducing waste (DOWNTIME) in our customers facilities and keeping them in SHAPE™.

The goal of JanOPS® is to get your facility in SHAPE™ —an acronym for our cleaning strategy of Safety, Health, Asset Preservation, Productivity and Environment.

We are proud of they way our Cleaning Specialists uphold Varsity’s JanOPS® Creed:

JanOPS® Creed

I am a JanOPS® Specialist
I am dependable; I never let my team down
I act with honesty and integrity
I extend the life of the surfaces I clean
I clean for green and health first
I am safe, precise, disciplined and skilled
I am an expert and a professional
I am a JanOPS® Specialist

If you know a Cleaning Specialist, THANK THEM today!

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