Varsity receives Governors Award

Varsity receives Governors Award

Varsity Facility Services District Manager, Misker Arefeayne, and Area Manager, Jim Norman, on behalf of Varsity’s Northwest Region / Seattle District, received a certificate of appreciation from the state of Washington for the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment.

Ellen Salazar from Washington Vocational Services (Seen in attached image with Jim) nominated these great Varsity Employees for their work with employees with disabilities.

Varsity has hired and retained numerous employees with disabilities. Many of them have moved on to other jobs, allowing Varsity Facility Services to open doors for more to succeed in their careers.

Varsity works with non-profit organizations in the area that help disabled employees find jobs. Job coaches are assigned to work with the disabled employee,  and Varsity’s managers train the employees. Jim and Misker communicate with the job coaches after the training to make sure each employee succeeds, and achieves long term employment goals. Efforts are moving forward to expand the program in different areas of the state. The program’s success is apparent and has helped a large percentage of these employees continue in their career goals. Many of them, who have never had a job before, have moved on to work other companies. The program continues as Varsity continues to hire disabled employees, and train them to become successful citizens.

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