Oregon Gives Varsity Facility Services Great Business Award

Oregon Gives Varsity Facility Services Great Business Award

Varsity Facility Services Earns Great Business Award from the City of Gresham, Oregon

What is the “GREAT Business Award?”

The City of Gresham’s highest level award is set aside for businesses that go above and beyond in many ways. We provide more publicity opportunities for our GREAT Business Award holders. Recognizable by the green GREAT Business Award, these businesses have completed the criteria of the previous two certifications, Recycling Certified Business, and GREAT Recycler Award, plus they are:

  • preventing pollution in streams and rivers through actions such as regular catch basin cleaning
  • using energy efficiently by upgrading lighting systems or shutting off equipment
  • Conserving water by using low flow fixtures and equipment
  • utilizing proper waste water management practices, such as grease trap cleaning or biodegradable cleaners

Congratulations to Bryan Goold and all those who helped win this prestigious award!

Varsity Facility Services wins the Great Business Award

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