Preventative Carpet Maintenance

Preventative Carpet Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Soil is everywhere. Stopping it from entering the building is the key to a successful carpet program, as industry studies estimate that as much as 94% of the soil in any given facility was tracked in from the outside. The more soil we stop from entering the building, the less we have to clean.

Sweeping: Outside

Tip-Carpet-Outside-Sweeper(1)Sidewalks, entry ways and parking lots should be swept and kept clean.  Additionally, parking lots should be pressure washed regularly to remove oils that accumulate from atmospheric pollutants, leaking cars and other sources.

Bi-level scraping mat outside to remove large particles from shoes; Carpet type mat inside to wipe and dry shoes.

Matting: Outside Entrance Areas

The more matting that can be installed, the more effective your preventative cleaning will be. Place bi-level scraper mats outside all entrances.  These will help absorb large particles, soil and moisture that might otherwise be tracked inside.

Matting: Inside Entrance Areas

Place carpet mats just inside entrances for wiping and drying of shoes.  Select a carpet mat that provides enough length for a minimum of 4-5 footsteps before stepping onto the floor.


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