Q: How does ergonomic equipment improve productivity?

Q: How does ergonomic equipment improve productivity?

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Q: How does ergonomic equipment improve productivity?

A: Ergonomic design improves productivity in at least three ways.

First, ergonomic equipment can replace more than one tool.

A backpack vacuum does not only clean carpet, but hard floors, stairs, and upholstery in addition to high and low dusting. It eliminates the need for up to five less effective tools: a broom, dustpan, dust mop, duster and upright vacuum. Fewer tools mean fewer stops to take a trip to the custodial closet. A minute saved here and there, can add up to huge labor savings for facility managers.

Second, ergonomic equipment can improve productivity by managing challenges specific to the work environment.

In a classroom full of desks, an upright vacuum can be unwieldy and difficult to navigate. The wand of a backpack vacuum maneuvers fast around obstacles.  A facility with few outlets might need a cordless vacuum. A cleaning professional who is equipped with a utility belt that keeps the necessary vacuum attachments at hand is less likely to have to backtrack later to clean missed areas. All of these details save time.

Third, and perhaps most important, ergonomic design makes workers more comfortable, allowing them to clean longer with less effort.

Excessive heat, noise, or vibration disrupts worker comfort and concentration on the task at hand. Ineffective vacuum filtration can irritate worker allergies or asthma. Ergonomic equipment should be quiet, lightweight, and act like an extension of the body, rather than resisting the body’s natural movements. Backpack vacuums reduce repetitive motion, fatigue, and body strain, requiring less than half the energy to clean the same space as an upright vacuum. Any design feature that improves worker comfort, can also improve a facility’s bottom line.

ProTeam Vacuums

ProTeam® (www.pro-team.com) became a global phenomenon in the commercial cleaning world in 1987 after introducing a game-changing design innovation, the lightweight backpack vacuum. Scientific studies and maintenance crews consistently find ProTeam vacuums save time, money and resources while improving indoor air quality. In 2009, Emerson—a diversified global manufacturing and technology company—acquired ProTeam, and the legacy of innovation continues with a full range of vacuums and floorcare tools designed to tackle every cleaning situation.

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