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For over fifty-five years, Varsity has been a leader in facility services providing high-end service to you. We are where you are. We provide service to our customers across the United States and Canada.

Our janitorial service is built on our R3© business model: Reliability, Responsiveness and Reduction.

In contracting with Varsity, we will:

  • Seek first the voice of the customer (Responsiveness)
  • Clean to your specifications (Reliability)
  • Use a structured approach (Reliability)
  • Eliminate waste (cost) and variation (Reduction)
  • Measure and report to you (Responsiveness)
  • Document it for repeat-ability (Reliability)

With R3 you can expect a reliable systems approach to your janitorial service. Below is a sneak peek of our system.  Or you can download the janitorial operations brochure for your market on the "Markets" page.


How do you make the people, products and processes used in your janitorial services more reliable?  You need a system that includes training for people, standards for products and engineering for processes in a way that aligns them for greater value in your facility.

Reliable S.H.A.P.E. Inputs & Outputs:

SHAPE Strategy Model For Better Output Results

Our system approach gets you to Reliable cleaning!

Our services maximize reliability in five dimensions:

  • Getting your facility in S.H.A.P.E.TM
    Our system aligns people, product, and process along 5 dimensions we call S.H.A.P.E. For a service to be reliable it must be Safe, Healthy, Asset friendly, Productive and good for the Environment.
  • Varsity's behavioral training system
    Varsity's cleaning system is a behavioral-based system—meaning it requires key S.H.A.P.E. behaviors such as following an exact process to ensure performance, or wearing personal protective gear to ensure safety.

  • SHAPE optimized chemicals and equipment
    Varsity selects and standardizes chemicals and equipment that help us execute our S.H.A.P.E. strategy. We test the chemicals and equipment to assure manufacturer specifications truly improves Safety, Health, Asset preservation, Productivity and the Environment.

Learn how we get your facility in S.H.A.P.E. by downloading our Janitorial Operations Brochure for your market:


Varsity uses sophisticated handheld and web-based technologies for quality assurance. Our system puts data at your fingertips. It uses data to drive decisions and continuous improvement.

Like a dashboard on your car, our system includes metrics to tell us and you the system status. We use a mixture of mobile auditing and technology to assess and report on the quality of cleaning in your facility.

24/7 Call Center
Varsity provides the convenience of a single call, email or web request through a 24/7 call center, and a local point of contact for follow-up and attention to detail. Periodic work is scheduled, tracked and automated online to ensure completion on time per your scope.

Varsity seeks to go beyond simply cleaning your facility.

Our value to you is defined by the higher quality we bring to your facilities.

Quality Cleaning Data And Results Available on Mobile

Know the status of your facility

  • Understand the impact of your contractor.
  • Act by completing your own audits and submitting work orders.
  • Get mobile auditing & routine reporting of your cleaning service.
  • Get quality data for your building online 24/7.




Lean Six Sigma

Varsity’s janitorial operation system lowers cost and reduces variation in your janitorial service while maximizing your safety, health, asset preservation, productivity and environmental (SHAPE) metrics.

Varsity also applies Standard Work to your janitorial services. “Standard Work" is a method, within Lean Sigma, that organizes work into time, tasks and workflows. The method helps reduce variation in the way the service is performed leading to more reliable service.

Let Varsity eliminate DOWNTIME in your labor, processes, supplies and equipment!



Our experience has shown that the best janitorial services have at least 5% waste in their processes while average and unsophisticated services can have between 10 and 30% waste.

Partnering with Varsity, you can capture the savings that minimizing such waste brings about. Our service is as much about methodically eliminating waste as it is about the actual service.

With Varsity you get a partner who improves your business model by removing unnecessary cost from your facility services.

Why Choose Varsity?

“After Varsity took over the janitorial services there were areas of my office cleaned that haven’t been cleaned in years—Good Going!”

Sloan LeMauns, Manager of Facilities and Engineering

“Varsity exceeded my expectations. We were extremely happy with their work and would gladly recommend them to other schools.”

Bill Sweet, Superintendent 
Verona R-VII

“The decision to hire Varsity Facility Services has been the best decision we have made since I’ve been on the Board of Education.”

Ron Keith, Board Of Education VP
Ash Grove R-IV Schools

Our Guarantee to you...

We deliver a shift from traditional cleaning service, focused on you, the customer — an approach to clean, we call R3.

The goal of R3 is to ensure you have the highest level of reliable and responsive cleaning service while simultaneously monitoring for opportunities to reduce waste and environmental impact, allowing you to focus on your core business and your bottom line.

You are guaranteed this through the implementation of Varsity's R3 business model.

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