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Varsity’s 55+ years cross-market experience means we can customize our solutions for you, whatever your business.

All solutions include:

  • Customizable service package
  • Consistent staffing and service assurance
  • High quality service to enhance your facility image
  • Facility security assurance while services are being performed
  • Management of logistically challenging rural facilities
  • Trust, integrity, and service excellence
  • Economies of scale
  • High customer responsiveness and partnering attitude
  • One point of contact, one invoice to process, one check to write


Quick Study: Pinellas County

Download Quick Study: Pinellas County
for County Government Facilities

Varsity Facility Services has performed custodial services for governments and municipalities for over 50 years. The building types range from various high-traffic, public buildings of varying ages with specialized restoration and preservation needs to the smallest city building. We have experience with mixed-use facilities such as museums, courtrooms, libraries, auditoriums, conference rooms, and police stations. Regardless of the size, whether it be city, county, state or even national forms of government, Varsity has the experience.

We understand your concerns for high expectations from government initiatives and elected officials. We are conscious of the security issues that exist in government facilities and do our utmost to protect your confidential environments and documents. Most importantly, we help ensure the safety of your citizens.

See how we successfully manage the largest county in Florida (covering 280 square miles) by downloading the Quick Study above.


Medical Facilities: Janitorial Operations BrochureDownload Janitorial Operations Brochure
for Medical Facilities

The healthcare industry has been under fire to bring about cost savings that can be passed on to the consumer. At the same time, healthcare facilities require specialized environmental services that can require additional work requirements.

Varsity offers you, healthcare facility managers, best practices at a reduced cost. In addition our management is certified by the Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) and the American Society of Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES).

Varsity incorporates industry-leading products such as microfiber tools that capture 99.9% of bacteria, and disinfectants proven to remove harmful germs from surfaces cleaned.

We make your Environmental Services department reliable by aligning the right people, processes and best practices to keep your facility environmentally clean.

Varsity Facility Services strives to consistently reduce your overhead costs by being the highly effective outsourcing partner for management of your environmental services and contributing to the improvement of your patient satisfaction scores.


Commercial Facilities: Janitorial Operations Brochure

Download Janitorial Operations Brochure
for Commercial Facilities

Whether its class A high rises, office buildings or banking facilities, we manage national contracts with facility portfolios numbering in the thousands and individual facilities in both urban and rural locations. Your facility is not just a place of work, it also represents the image you portray to customers and a clean and safe environment that enhances or detracts from the productivity of your employees.


Manufacturing Facility: Janitorial Operations BrochureDownload Janitorial Operations Brochure
for Manufacturing Facilities

Download Case StudyCase Study For Manufacturing Facilities
for Manufacturing Facilities

In the field of manufacturing, the condition of your facility is instrumental in your production; hence, it is critical to your business. Waste and variation in quality can arise if your manufacturing environment has not been properly prepared and cared for. Varsity Facility Services understands the importance of a productive environment and supports your sustained output with our facility service solutions.

Varsity has worked with high tech companies like Nissan. You will also enjoy the following value added benefits:

• Measured quality control systems with Varsity’s Vektr electronic reporting system

• Consistent staffing and service assurance with Varsity’s no-show/substitution program

• High quality service tailored to manufacturing precision and productivity

• Clean room maintenance expertise

• Effective on-site management

Download the case study detailing how Varsity saved over $900,000 for a manufacturing company, while increasing quality and sustainability.


Education Facilities: Janitorial Operations Brochure

Download Janitorial Operations Brochure
for Educational Facilities

Whether you maintain a K-12 school district, a private/charter school, or a large university, Varsity is dedicated to providing professional facility services to your educational facility. In our experience with multiple educational facilities, three common PAINS seem to be shared by all of them:

  1. Cost - Varsity helps you reduce costs and maintain or improve quality. We accomplish this through through a structured approach which includes our proprietary janitorial operating system JanOPS.
  2. Attendance - We understand the importance of high enrollment and attendance. We maintain this for your through constant anti-bacterial cleaning, preventative processes and occupant training.
  3. Transition & Incumbent Training - Varsity transitions are customized to individual businesses, taking into account unique facility assets, sensitive human resource issues. All Varsity employees, whether new or incumbent, will be trained on Varsity's approach.

Let us help you with your PAINS. Download the appropraiate brochure above.


Financial Facilities: Janitorial Operations BrochureDownload Janitorial Operations Brochure
for Financial Facilities

Varsity Facility Services effectively manages over 3,000 banking facilities nationwide. Our customers include respected names within the banking industry such as Key Bank. Our experience in managing both national bank facility portfolios and single branches has made us a proven leader and expert in bank facilities.

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