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Be Proactive

Being “proactive” means taking responsibility for your actions.  The opposite of proactive is reactive.   When you’re reactive, you blame other people and circumstances for obstacles or problems. 

When you are proactive, you:

  • Take responsibility for the situation. 
  • Are in control of every situation.  
  • Don’t place the blame on others.
  • Look for ways to improve the situation around you.

Your goal as a JanOPS® specialist is to be proactive in every situation.  Pro-activity is a sign of professionalism.  Here are some common situations and possible reactive and proactive responses to these situations:

Situation Reactive Response Proactive Response
Your team leader just pointed out a conference room that you overlooked. “I’m sure I dusted that conference room.” “Thank you for pointing that out.  I’ll be sure to check that conference room before I leave today.”
While emptying trash cans, you deplete the supply of liners. “I guess I can’t change any more liners until our supply shipment arrives this week.” “I’ll look for some more liners in the closet on the main level.”
While vacuuming, you notice a carpet spot near the elevator. “That’s not my job. The SpecialOPS specialist will take care of it.” “I’ll note the spot on my JanDoc pad and give it to SpecialOPS so he can take care of the spot while its still fresh.”


Ask yourself what is likely to happen and react to it before it happens.


Always think of what you can do versus what you can’t do.