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Purpose of the Closet Standard

Ensuring your closet meets the JanOPS® standards greatly benefits you as a JanOPS specialist.  Here are a few ways:

Your Safety

  • Keeping the JanOPS closet organized will reduce slips, trips, and falls.
  • The Safety Center reminds you to stay sharp and focused on being safe while you work.
  • The Safety Center provides a 1-800 number for accidents.

Your Effectiveness

  • An organized closet helps you find supplies and equipment quickly.
  • Storing your tools and equipment in their proper place keeps them in good working condition, which means they do a better job cleaning.
  • The Training Center keeps your skills sharp, allowing you to do the best job possible.  Remember, a JanOPS specialist is an expert and a professional.

Your Health

  • A JanOPS closet should be the cleanest room in the building.  A clean closet contributes to your health because you won’t be exposed to harmful substances.

Your Customer’s Confidence

  • When your customer sees your clean, organized JanOPS closet, he or she will have greater confidence that the rest of the building is just as clean or cleaner.



Always keep walkways clear of equipment and supplies.