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Emptying Trash from Brute

Emptying trash from a brute can be awkward and unsafe if you try to lift it straightway out of the container. Follow these steps to protect yourself from injury and to protect your customer’s carpet from spills.

Steps to Removing Trash from Brute:

  1. Put down four strips of liner on the floor or a tarp. This will protect the customer’s carpet from possible leakage. Note: Try not to do this in a carpeted area
  2. Position the brute in front of the liners on the floor. Make sure the full liner is tied off.
  3. Lay the brute down on the liner.

  4. Bend at the knees and pull the full liner out.
  5. Keep liner underneath the trash until trash is removed.


Reuse the liner strips that you placed on the floor.


Always get help removing trash if it is too heavy or difficult to remove. Taking a few extra minutes to protect yourself is always the best decision.


If leakage occurred when pulling the trash onto the liner strips, be careful when removing the strips.