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General Workflow

There is an efficient and effective pattern to perform your work.  This pattern is clockwise, top-down, and dry to wet.


In team cleaning, you always work clockwise—clockwise within the building, and clockwise within the area you are cleaning.  This way, you and your teammates always know which areas have been cleaned and which areas remain to be cleaned.   You’re also less likely to miss areas when you follow a consistent pattern.

Top Down

A JanOPS® specialist always works top-down.  You should clean the surfaces above you first and then work your way to the bottom.  The reason for this is quite simple.  Dust and debris from upper surfaces may fall to the bottom as you clean.  If you worked from the bottom up, you might have to re-clean some of the surfaces at the bottom level. 

Dry to Wet

By doing your dry cleaning first, you capture much of the soils that wet cleaning may not remove, especially the large soils.  Following the dry to wet workflow ensures that you get the surface cleaner, while avoiding time spent redoing part of the work.



The dry to wet workflow also keeps you safe because you are not walking on a wet surface.

The main purpose of the JanOPS workflow is to help you perform your work quickly and professionally.