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Have a Positive Attitude

When you maintain a positive attitude, it not only affects your feelings and behaviors, it also affects everyone around you.

Optimism has a positive effect on you and others!  HOW?

  • It helps you see the world through positive eyes.
  • It helps you make the best of your circumstances.
  • It is contagious, so you can pass it along.

Smiling is critical for an effective working environment.  HOW?

  • It makes others feel good and want to be around you.
  • It gives encouragement to others.
  • It tells others that you want to be around them.
  • It creates an atmosphere where people feel they can work freely and openly.

Some tips for keeping a positive attitude:

  • Make up your mind to be happy.
  • Find pleasure in simple things.
  • Don’t take yourself to seriously.
  • Think of others.



Helen Keller said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.“


Be sure to smile at your customers.  Cleaning specialists who smile at customers tend to get fewer complaints.