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The JanOPS Creed: Dependable

Being dependable means you never let your team down. Your team can count on you to always fulfill your responsibilities as a JanOPS specialist.

A JanOPS specialist does six things to demonstrate his dependability:

  1. Always calls if she is sick or can’t make it to work.
  2. Always arrives on time.
  3. Follows the JanOPS standard workflow.
  4. Completes JanOPS processes she was trained to do.
  5. Completes required documentation.
  6. Looks out for other JanOPS specialists and their responsibilities.

As a JanOPS specialist, being dependable is one of the most important qualities for promotion,  and for success in whatever career you choose. Dependability is also what makes the JanOPS operating system successful on a daily basis.  


Dependability is one of the most important qualities an employer looks for when hiring a new employee.