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The JanOPS Creed: Disciplined

Living the creed means being disciplined. Discipline means having mental and physical control, and it is the key to success in just about everything you do.  For JanOPS, being disciplined includes the following: 

  1. Polishing your skills regularly
  2. Arriving early so you can start on time and with the right attitude
  3. Following JanOPS processes exactly, and completing required documentation for your specialty

If you do these three things well, you will demonstrate the discipline needed to be a successful JanOPS specialist. That kind of discipline will result in higher quality and greater satisfaction for you and your customer. 



Discipline yourself to complete your weekly SkillPolish training.  Doing this will naturally bring more discipline to follow JanOPS processes with exactness.

Discipline evolved from the word “disciple.” A disciple means a “true follower.”

It usually takes a full three weeks of consistently performing an action to develop a disciplined habit.