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The JanOPS Creed: Professional

Living the creed means being a professional.  A professional is a person who maintains high standards in their field. As a JanOPS specialist, you maintain the following standards of professionalism:

  1. Appearance: Strive to look your best in grooming, dress, and hygiene. Keep your JanOPS uniform neat and clean.
  2. Behavior: Keep a positive attitude and act with courtesy and respect. 
  3. Knowledge: Increase your level of expertise through continual learning using the SkillPolish123 program (what you’re doing now).
  4. Performance: Follow JanOPS processes as you have been taught.  Never cut corners to get the job done faster.

Be courteous and professional when working with others, especially customers. Always look  people in the eye when speaking to them, and show interest in their concerns.   Here are a few professional tips when speaking to customers or team members:

Never say: Rather, say:
“I can’t” "I will"
"You have to" "We need to"
"I don't know" "That's a great question, I'll look into it"
“No” “Yes”


According to a Harvard Business professor, people are constantly observing your behavior and forming ideas about your ability and character based on your behavior.

How you look and act tells more about you than what you say.