Spot Removal

Spot Removal

8 Rules for Best Results

Spot Removal | 8 Rules for Best Results

Spot removal can be one of the most confusing and frustrating aspects of carpet care. Improperly treated or ignored spots can destroy expensive carpet. The following eight rules can also help simplify the challenge.

1.  The faster you get to a spot the better for removal.

2.  Know the fiber make-up of your carpet.

3.  Know and recognize the common spots in your facility. Keep a spotting kit on hand.

4.  Many spots are concentrated areas of general soil tracked into an area. A general purpose water-based spotter will remove these.

5.  When applying a spotter, never rub the spotter area. Always carefully blot the spot with a cloth.

6.  Remove solid built-up materials with a rounded tablespoon, spatula, or edge of a dull knife.

7.  Blot up spills with clean, white, absorbent materials (towels, napkins, tissues, etc.) Keep blotting and repeat.

8.  Always pre-test spotters to make sure they do not remove the color. Apply a small amount of spotter to the carpet in an inconspicuous area and blot with a white towel and look for transfer.

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