What’s Hot: Chariot of Fire, now Chariot of Clean

What’s Hot: Chariot of Fire, now Chariot of Clean

I am a big fan of Chariot style vacuums, scrubbers and carpet machines. Our operations use them nationally. We spec’d them as a standard for our janitorial operating system because they gave us the best SHAPE benefit. They are safe because of the upright visibility and controlled speeds. They are healthy because they are effective in capturing and containing dirt. They contribute to asset preservation because the operator has high visibility in the upright position and because of the sloping nose helping make sure they don’t run into your facility’s walls, desks and equipment.  Also, their narrow profile and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability make them less likely to damage walls and door frames. They are highly productive, reaching up to 30,000 square feet per hour and they have water reduction and good filtration making them great for the environment.

There were two chariot style machines on the floor:

  1. Windsor’s Chariot, which has been around a while now and won the ISSA innovation award in 2008; and
  2. Taski’s new chariot which comes with the quality Taski has built their brand on.

Chariot-Windsor-200px   Chariot-Tasking-140pxHIGH


You can check out each product on their respective websites at:



Marc Collings

Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Varsity Facility Services
Marc Collings is Varsity's Vice President of Marketing for Varsity Facility Services. Marc oversees the company's growth, branding, positioning, customer support and analytics. In this role, he has positioned the company as a customer solutions leader for lowering cost and improving quality. He also led the company-wide rebranding and strategically positioned the company as a sustainability leader, serving on a committee for the EPA, obtaining the Ashkin Group award for sustainable leadership, leading Varsity's CIMS Green Building certification with honors, and developing Varsity's S.H.A.P.E. sustainability strategy, which improves service results along five dimensions: Safety, Health, Asset Preservation, Productivity and the Environment.

In 2011, Marc's team won the large company category, "Best in the Industry" marketing materials from the Building Service Contractor Association International (BSCAI). Marc also directs Varsity's proposal writing, sales process and tools development, marketing campaigns, corporate website SEO performance and customer support center.

Marc has spent his career developing strategic capabilities that enhance value to customers and the company. A Lean Sigma Green belt himself, he developed the company's Lean Sigma offering, providing an innovative solution to customers' need to lower cost while raising quality. He led the development of JanOPS, an industry-leading janitorial operating system, which brings standardization and service consistency to large campus and geographically disperse national accounts.

Prior to this position, Marc was responsible for strategic management at Varsity. He has initiated or directed multiple strategic technology initiatives, ranging from a corporate website, a corporate intranet, a web/smartphone based quality control system, a learning management system, a corporate content manager and knowledge wiki, salesforce.com deployment and customization, and an Android app which facilitates the GROW sales process he has developed.

Marc is the author of several leadership and management training manuals, field guides, marketing collateral and case studies. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish and holds a bachelor degree in English/Technical Writing and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Idaho State University. Marc enjoys mountain biking, skiing, fishing and golf. He is happily married, and he and his wife Victoria enjoy raising and spending time with their four children.

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