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ISSA Clean Standard: K-12

ISSA Clean Standard: K-12

The goal of the Standard for Measuring the Effectiveness of Cleaning in K-12 Schools is to provide schools with a tool that will help them measure and monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning processes at their facilities thereby contributing to the quality of the indoor environment for the benefit of students and staff.

The Clean Standard: K-12 is a performance-oriented standard that is focused on:

  • The desired levels of cleanliness that can be reasonably achieved;
  • Recommended monitoring and inspection procedures designed to measure the effectiveness of cleaning procedures using quantitative measures (i.e., ATP Meters) and traditional methods (i.e., sight, smell, touch); and
  • How to use the results of monitoring and inspection to evaluate and improve the cleaning processes and products that are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff.

ISSA Clean Standard: K-12
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